10 (ish) Ways to Get to Number 1 in Google

There is so much information out there about optimising a site for the search engines that sometimes, you can't see the wood for the trees. And a lot of it is in the form of Top Ten lists (unimaginative linkbait), so here’s mine:

The PageRank Circus is in Town

It seems Google is just finishing off another much anticipated PageRank (PR) update.

This time though, they seem to be following through with their threats to penalise sites that have sold links. Naturally, this has effected the sites buying links from them.

It looks like Google have done this by manually reducing the toolbar PR of guilty sites.

Out-Sourcing SEO Work

There has recently been a dramatic increase in the number of Indian SEO Companies being submitted to our london directory of SEO resources. In fact, there have been more sites offering SEO services submitted to the directory in the past year than any other sort of site. This is good for the small business owner because it is increasing the number of options and the competition in the SEO market.

And if you do decide to pay for an SEO company?

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